About A&G Signs Ltd.
A&G Signs are a specialist in the provision of Temporary Direction Signs for New Housing Developments, we provide no other product or service and as a result are able to offer you unparalleled service, standards and turn around.
Established in 1997, our staff have many years' experience in dealing with local authorities and are able to tailor your application to the individual Council area to get the best results for every site, regardless of its location. You are able to follow the progress of any application on your own secure section on our website. You are able to see details of all conversations ensuring you're never left in the dark.
Our company has a simple principle when it comes to service, "if we can, we will". It's this principle, that has meant we have become the largest supplier of this type of sign, with many, many repeat customers using A&G Signs for over 10 years.
Please take a few minutes to read through the details of our service below and compare this to your existing supplier. If you have any queries or would like A&G Signs to carry out a free, no obligation survey on any of your sites, please complete one of our Survey Request forms or email us your request directly.

Service Explanation

Within 5 working days we will carry out a free, no obligation survey of the area. All we require is the name of the street and the town in which the site is located.
We will send a plan of our findings and discuss them with you to make sure you are happy with the locations.
We submit the application to the council on your behalf. At this point you are still under no obligation to go ahead with any signs we gain approval for.
When we have a response from the council we will contact you again to discuss the outcome. It is at this point you decide whether to erect the signs, if for any reason you don't want to go ahead, no charge is made for the work which has already been carried out. You are also under no obligation to go ahead with all the signs we gain approval for and you can select the ones you feel benefit you most.
Once an order has been placed we will erect the signs within 5 working days.
Six-months re-application are carried out. Some local authorities make us apply every six months to request that the signs remain in place we take care of all this on your behalf.
We maintain the signs while they are erected. If the signs are damaged, vandalised or stolen we will replace them using the check & re-erect service explained in the after sales service section below.
We remove the signs once the site is complete.

After Sales Service

Full online tracking
You are given your own login details for a secure section on our website. This shows you details on all your developments.
Monthly reports
A monthly report is produced showing the status of each site.
Check & re-erect
This is a service for replacement of signs, we are aware that time on site is precious and although site staff may have noticed that some signs have gone missing, they will not have time to drive around and check them all, then call us, with the numbers of the signs that are missing so they can be replaced. With check & re-erect, we carry out a survey and replace any that are missing while we are on site. Photos are taken of all the signs in place and a report is issued to show the work that has been carried out.
Alterations to the signs
For example if a site entrance moves or you move into a show home from a sales cabin.
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